Our Hair Product

Hairfood web.png3INJIBS HAIR FOOD is hand made by mainly Olive Oil, which is derived from olives and clinically approved for the effectiveness of Hair Moisturizing. The Hairfood Grows hairline, stimulates scalp thickens hair, removes dandruff, treats itchy scalp and softens hair after being hardened by chemicals like relaxer and dyes.

spray2INJIBS ITCHY SCALP BRAID SPRAY is the essential maintenance product for braids and scalp. INJIBS ITCHY SCALP BRAID SPRAY has been designed specially to moisturize and condition your hair and protect your scalp from dandruff and becoming dry and itchy. It gives hair a soft, shiny look and lovely feeling. Holds braids longer and prevents knots after undoing braids. Can be used on natural and synthetic hair.

hot oil2INJIBS HOT OIL TREATMENT is the essential maintenance product for all hair types. INJIBS HOT OIL TREATMENT has been designed specially to soften hair, prevent DTH hormone production, promote scalp health, naturally conditions your hair, fights off fungi and bacteria and improves blood circulation. INJIBS HOT OIL TREATMENT as a part of regular hair care regimen, can help your hair a scalp reach their healthiest potential. Make it for hair growth a regular priority in your hair care.